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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Jennifer Anderson. You can call me Jenn if you’d like. I am the owner and operator of Sites By Jenn. For the past 19 years, I have had the great opportunity to own my own internet business, as well as helping countless others begin their own online businesses. I enjoy consulting on projects almost as much as I enjoy the programming and design that I do for my own clients!


Over the years I have designed, programmed, and maintained sites with over 5000 pages for large, corporate businesses. My experience also includes small business websites, personal Web pages and blogs, as well as several intranet and extranet sites. I have also recently had the opportunity to create some remote business applications for my corporate clientele. In addition to working for my own clients, I have been included as a second-party contract web designer for many collaborative projects.

I have experience writing websites in many different web languages including: XML, CMS, HTML, PHP, PERL, C, Java, Javascript and Flash.

To date, my favorite method of creating quick, eye-pleasing, budget-friendly websites is the use of the WordPress Platform. You can see this type of website design/program right here, as my site is designed using WordPress! You can find out more about WordPress Here.


My mission has always been to help people. I especially enjoy helping small businesses find their place on the world wide web. I love to be able to show people how helpful a website can be in not only getting the word out about their business and/or projects, but also to make their business endeavor have more validity in today’s competitive markets.

Let’s face it: Today, a having a website is a clear way to show your customers that you are “here to stay” and that your business is legitimate. Yes, you can be totally legitimate without a website, but having one, especially a well designed and easy to use website, can mean the difference between you getting the customer’s business, and someone else getting that business instead! Feel free contact me if you’re interested in learning more!

My web design office is located in Temple, Texas, but I have clients all over the world. I can accommodate client needs no matter where they are located. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients I can visit with face-to-face, but I have successfully completed web design projects for many clients I’ve only ever spoken with over the phone and via email.

“Contact me today so I can help you establish a new web presence or polish an existing one. Quotes are always free and turnaround time for average web design projects are usually one to two weeks or less! “

Jennifer Anderson